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Talk about one of the most awesome engagement sessions EVER! Emily & Merritt were so much fun at their engagement session! Emily thought that Eagle Creek Park would be a gorgeous backdrop, and it 100% was! I’ve never shot there before, but there are so many amazing locations within the park. We spent most of our time in front of the lake because the water was so beautiful.

At the beginning of our session, we started off on a dock, that had the sweetest couple wading in the water. So, we had a few cheerleaders cheering them on, and it was so funny. Now, we fully anticipated that a torrential downpour was going to occur because the clouds were crazy, and the weather said it was going to rain that evening (I had been checking it all week because let’s be honest, photographers know the weather better than the weatherman LOL). I even wrapped some cling wrap over my camera to try to protect it from getting wet! Luckily, it never ended up raining, and the sun actually started to shine through.

My favorite part of their session was when they both got in the lake, and Emily’s gorgeous blush dress looked so beautiful in the water. It was magical when Merritt picked her up for a romantic kiss, and the shots I was able to get were epic!

I’m so excited for Emily & Merritt’s November wedding!


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