Romantic Sunset Engagement | Allie & David

Engagement season is in full swing, and my session with Allie & David was filled with so many laughs, strolls around Butler’s campus, and some gorgeous images were captured. We started off at Holcomb Gardens around sunset – which we were so lucky because the sun was so golden and romantic. At the gardens, there are too many amazing backdrops to choose from, so we tried to hit most of them! Allie and David were so prepared for our session together, and they’re vibrant and happy-go-lucky attitudes made my job so easy, I forgot I was even supposed to be “working”. In fact, what was supposed to be an hour long engagement session ended up being almost TWO hours!

I’ve been on Butler‘s campus a few times, but I got real tour from these two! Butler is so near and dear to Allie & David because that’s where they met! They both are also currently attending school there. You can tell they have so much pride for their school. We made sure to snag a couple shots of them in their Butler tee’s to complete their session.

I learned so many things about these two, and to say I’m excited for their wedding day is an understatement. Sometimes I just get so darn lucky and really “click” with my couples, and for that I am so blessed.

Check out another one of my session at Holcomb Gardens here!


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