Ten Year Vow Renewal | The Sappingfield’s

After months and months of planning, Ashlee & Brent’s ten year vow renewal came to be on a rainy but beautiful Saturday afternoon. The Sappingfield’s are two of the sweetest and hilarious people that I’ve had the pleasure of photographing, and I’m so excited to share their day with you!!

Ashlee’s vision for the day was decked out in beautiful lavender and purple shades (one of my favs honestly), which came together so beautifully at their venue in Terre Haute, Indiana at The Venue! During the vow renewal, you could definitely tell how loved these two are by their family & friends, and how much love they share for each other. They’ve been together for 10 years and both got choked up at various times throughout the day. Capturing those moments for them was nothing short of an honor!

Ashlee & Brent, I am so happy for you two, and wish you many more years of love & laughter! Thank you for allowing me to capture your beautiful day.

Check out my gorgeous rainy wedding day from March!


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