Garrett & Caitlin | Engagement at Eagle Creek


Finally, FINALLY, after multiple attempts to have this session with Garrett & Caitlin, Indiana decided to play nice and we actually had some SUN!! This was my first session of the year at Eagle Creek, of which I hope to have many more. Eagle Creek is such a diverse and stunning location, especially for nature lovers!!

So, backstory. I’ve known Caitlin LITERALLY since elementary school. We used to ride Bus #1 (remember Gene, Caitilin?) together, and we were in the choir groups together throughout elementary and middle school! She graduated a year before I did, and has accomplished so much since then! I know she could write a book about her experiences in Florida and Italy. Now, she’s finally met the love of her life, and it is incredibly obviously that these two are meant for each other. Their quirky and affectionate personalities mesh so well and I loved interacting with them at their session yesterday. When two people are THAT in love, it makes it so easy for me to capture their playful and loving feelings for each other. These two had so many adorable pose ideas, and of my favorites being him throwing her over his shoulder and her pointing to her ridiculously stunning ring. Seriously guys, I’ve seen a picture of this ring on her Facebook page, but actually seeing it in person, it’s beyond beautiful. It’s very unique and was custom designed by the two of them!! How amazing!

Garrett & Caitlin – OH BOY – I cannot wait to photograph you again in October, and capture your magical wedding day. It’s going to be nothing short of amazing.

Checkout my last session at Eagle Creek, late last year!


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