Ashley & Bryce | Engagement at Holcomb Gardens


Hey everyone! I’m back at it again with another incredible engagement session to flood your feeds with! This time, I met up with Ashley & Bryce at Holcomb Gardens on Butler’s campus. Holcomb Gardens was the most perfect setting for our session together, especially since these two showed up dressed to the nines! Ashley had on such a pretty dress, and Bryce looked super sharp in his suit! We ALMOST rescheduled because the forecast of course called for rain. Instead though, we decided to brave it. Super overcast skies and lots of humidity didn’t bring us down though, and we had a truly awesome session together.

I was so ready to get started when I saw both of them, and after a hug and an introduction, we spent the next hour laughing, teasing, and getting to know each other. Ashley starts her journey as a labor & delivery Nurse student at Community North next week (she’ll be working 60 hours, you go girl!), and Bryce just finished his degree in Business Administration and is pursuing a career in his field!

One thing that really struck me about these two was their engagement story. They had known each other for year, and finally began dating. After 5 months as a couple, Bryce knew it was time to snatch Ashley up, and propose. The details that went into his proposal were nothing short of completely thoughtful and romantic. Reading about it, and hearing about it in person was so touching, and it’s a true testament of their love for one another.

After spending just one hour with Ashley & Bryce, I am completely crazy about them and am so excited to capture their wedding next year at Cornerstone Center for the Arts.

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