beautiful evening engagement session at white river state park | lindsay & ryan

After a few attempts at scheduling an engagement session with these two (gotta love Indiana weather, lol!), I finally got to meet up with Lindsay & Ryan. They chose the always gorgeous Canal in downtown Indy for their backdrop, which I think was totally perfect for them!

First of all, let me just say that this session went longer than most of my engagement sessions, because I had SUCH a fun time with these two. Ryan has the most hilarious sense of humor, so there was no shortage of laughs. He was able to make Lindsay giggle so easily, which makes my job incredibly easy. We strolled along a good portion of the canal, stopping in various locations to get some really gorgeous shots. One of the funniest ones was where we positioned Ryan so that him & Lindsay were the same height in the photo! This is funny because there’s an obvious height difference with these two, but they totally embrace it!

And oh, oh my gosh, Lindsay’s engagement ring is truly one of the prettiest ones I have ever seen. So naturally I tried to grab as many details shots of it as possible! Gotta highlight that stunner!

Lindsay & Ryan – your wedding is coming up so soon, and I am truly so excited for that day. I just know it’s going to be so filled with love, and so much fun!

Love, Aubrey

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