Tuttle Orchards Fall Engagement Session | Aaron & Lauren


Whew! It’s been a MINUTE since I’ve blogged, but this one I just couldn’t wait any longer to share! Lauren & Aaron took me to Tuttle Orchards for their super cute and unique engagement session, and I just couldn’t love it (or them) more!

So, full disclosure, this was round TWO of their engagement session, because the first time around, it got rained out! Boo! We decided to reschedule, and hope and pray for a sunny date for the second time around. Well, our prayers were answered and we got some incredible sunset shots which is what they wanted all along!

Let me tell you about Aaron & Lauren. First of all, I felt like we’ve been friends for years. They’re welcoming, light hearted, goofy, and in love. They made everything so easy for me, and we ended up being together for three hours hours that night, snapping pictures, talking, and laughing!

After we had to leave Tuttle Orchards, we headed over to Aaron’s parents’ house to get some last minute sunlight, which is where the magic happened! The color that the sun was casting was perfection!

Then, we drove downtown to their favorite bar, The Tap, and had some drinks, and I got to take some super cute shots of them at their favorite place in Indy! I think that it’s so special to capture their personalities, and to make friends in the process.

Lauren & Aaron, I LOVE you guys, and I am so PUMPED for your wedding next year!


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