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My very first nephew, born on June 30, 2021 has captured my heart and opened up my world to a type of love I wasn’t prepared for!

Little “Walt” is the newest member of my family and we love him so dearly! Watching my sister and brother-in-law become parents has been such a joy. Melissa is an absolute natural, and even in times when being a new mother can be overwhelming, she is so strong and I adore her strength and love. She’s an incredible mother already. My brother became the father he always wanted to be, and seeing Walt cradled in daddy’s arms feels surreal and so wonderful.

It was such a huge honor capturing Walt’s newborn pictures. I was there during some of this sweet boys first hours of life, and I hope I can be as much of an incredible aunt to him, as my sister & brother have been to my own daughter.

Enjoy the adorable. He’s such a stinking cutie.



  1. Paula Armstrong says:

    What a little miracle. You are so right, Aubrey, Melissa is a Natural! Sean just is the best as well. Walt is so fortunate to have these two to guide him through life. We wish God’s richest blessings on this family. Our cup runneth over! So happy to be his Lolly and Pop (Great-Grandparents on his mother’s side)🍼

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